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ReOS 03/2018

Ausgabe 03 / 2018
beinhaltet die Seiten 45 – 98
Yelizaveta Belei; Liudmyla Chupryna; Mariana Kalinovska; Okelsandr Yefimov

The Right to Community Health Protection: Legal Nature and the Place in the System of Ukrainian Law
Yelizaveta Belei
Seite 45-62

Public Law and Its Structure: Tendencies of the Development within Modern Conditions
Liudmyla Chupryna
Seite 63-74

Decision of an investigating judge on inadmissibility of evidence while applying preventive measures at the pretrial stage of investigation
Mariana Kalinovska
Seite 75-85

Tax Conflict by the Example of Allocation
Okelsandr Yefimov
Seite 86-98

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